Advanced Programmable Video System

Telesports Programmable

Your new Programmable Video System lets you enjoy a tremendous variety of different video games over your TV. Its versatile microprocessor ‘brain’ and the extensive library of available optional game cartridges allow unlimited fun for the whole family.


The 1292 APVS is a family of cartridge-based consoles that share a common processor core: the Signetics 2650A. The first known console was the Radofin 1292 APVS, released in 1976. Multiple variations of the base platform were licensed and distributed throughout Europe, the UK, and Australia. Though software was cross-compatible, hardware differences made cartridges inoperable across systems. Thus, of the known clones and variants, there are six primary groups within which cartridges are mechanically compatible (see below). One of the platform's best-supported variations was the Interton Electronic VC 4000 Video Computer, manufactured and distributed in Germany. Among the platform's innovations were calculator-style keypads, analog joysticks, and cardboard keypad overlays.

Manufacturer Radofin, et al.
Type Console
CPU Signetics 2650A
RAM 37 bytes RAM
Resolution 128x200
Palette 16 colors
Graphics 4 single-color, 8x10-pixel sprites; 4-digit (BCD) score line; 16-column x 10-row background grid
Sound Single-channel square wave (?)
Input 2x analog joystick controllers with 14-button keypads
Media Cartridges

Group 1
Interton VC 4000 (Germany, Austria, UK, Australia)
Grundig Super Play Computer 4000 (Germany, Austria)
Palson CX 3000 Tele Computer (Spain)
Körting TVC-4000 (Argentina)
Group 2
Acetronic MPU-1000 (Europe)
Acetronic MPU-2000 (Europe)
Audio Sonic PP-1292 (Europe)
Audio Sonic PP-1392 (Europe)
Audio Sonic Programmable Video System (Europe)
Fountain 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System (?)
Fountain 1392 Advanced Programmable Video System (New Zealand)
Fountain Force 2 (New Zealand, Australia)
Fountain Programmable Video System (Australia)
Hanimex HMG 1292 (Europe)
Hanimex HMG 1392 (Europe)
Lansay Video System 1292 (?) Lansay Video System 1392 (Europe)
Prinztronic Tournament VC 6000 (UK)
Radofin 1292 (Europe)
Radofin 1392 (Europe)
Radofin Advanced Programmable Game System (Europe)
Radofin Programmierbares Video System (Germany)
Group 3
Videomaster Database (?)
Voltmace Database (UK)
Waddington Videomaster Database    (UK)
Group 4
Rowtron Television Computer System (UK)
Teleng Television Computer System (UK)
Group 5
Karvan Jeu Video TV (France)
Societe Occitane Electronique (SOE) OC-2000 (France)
Group 6
ITMC MPT-05    (France)
Grandstand Advanced Programmable Video System (UK?)
Palladium Telespiel (?)
Schmid (?)

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