Cassette Vision

Epoch's T.V. Game

カセットを次々にチェンジ 今、テレビがスーパーマルチゲームマシンに変わる!!

Change game cassettes one after the other—now, the TV is transforming into a super multi-game machine!!


Founded in Japan in 1958, Epoch first established their name with their handmade 野球盤, or baseball boards, a reflex-based baseball game combining elements of pinball and pachinko. Alongside competitors Bandai and Nintendo, Epoch soon become one of the largest toy and game companies in the world, releasing a spectrum of products ranging from complex war games to portable board game adaptations of popular manga characters. And like it toy-making competitors, Epoch was one of the first companies to jump into the emerging TV games (as console videogames are known in Japan) market, first with dedicated "ball-and-paddle" and sports consoles, and then with the カセットビジョン Cassette Vision, one of Japan's first cartridge-based home consoles.

Manufacturer エポック社 (Epoch Co.)
Type Console

All-in-one dedicated chipset (NEC uPD77xC-00x) internal to game cartridges

Resolution 54x62
Palette 8 colors