Commodore 64


Your new COMMODORE 64 is the best home computer available today. You can use your COMMODORE 64 for everything from business applications to household paperwork to exciting games. The 64 offers you lots of memory (64K), lots of color (16 different colors), lots of sound (music and sound effects), and lots of fun and practical uses.


Manufacturer Commodore Business Machines
Type PC
CPU MOS Technology 6510
GPU Video Interface Chip II (VIC-II)
Resolution 320 × 200 (high-resolution bitmapped mode); 160 × 200 (multicolor bitmapped mode); 160 × 200 (multicolor low resolution); 320 x 200 (high-resolution "low resolution")
Palette 16
Graphics Eight 24×21-pixel hardware sprites per scanline (12×21 in multicolor mode), built-in PETSCII character encoding
Sound MOS Technology SID (3 channels)
Input 2x control input port
Media cartridge, cassette, floppy disc
  • Commodore 1541 Floppy Drive
  • Commodore 1541C Floppy Drive
  • Commodore 1541-II Floppy Drive
  • Commodore 1702 video monitor
  • Commodore 1351 Mouse
  • Commodore 1530 Datasette
  • Commodore MPS-802 Dot matrix printer
  • Commodore VIC-Modem

Where to Start

Dustlayer — The Commodore 64 page for Beginners to C64 Programming

  • Commodore BASIC (built-in)