Select-A-Game Machine

Electronic Color Hand-Held Game

ENTEX Electronics welcomes you to the ranks of the many happy owners of the new and fabulous SELECT-A-GAME MACHINE. An electronic two-color game that brings you a variety of games, right in your hands.


Founded in 1970, the Compton, California-based Entex Electronics quickly became one of the top toy and game manufacturers in the world, competing directly with Coleco and Mattel. By 1980, they offered a large variety of handheld electronic toys, including adaptations of popular arcade titles, pinball, and many competitive sports games. The Select-A-Game combined several of Entex's prospects into a single machine. Swappable overlays and interchangeable cartridges—which housed all the electronics necessary for play—allowed the Select-A-Game to host multiple games, and the head-to-head control layout, adopted from their sports games, allowed interesting two-player variations of games like Space Invaders. Though the Select-A-Game was ultimately unsuccessful, several of its design concepts would resurface in subsequent Entex handheld games and their curious follow-up tabletop console, the Adventure Vision.

Manufacturer Entex Industries
Type Handheld
Resolution 7x16 VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) array
Palette 2-color fluorescent display
Graphics two-color VFD with interchangeable overlays
Sound ?
Input 2x built-in player controls, each with seven numbered keys arranged in a right-hand cross pattern (keys 1–4) and a row of action buttons (keys 5–7) | 4 embedded switches control MUTE/SOUND/OFF setting, SKILL setting, GAME setting, and PLAYER setting
Media cartridges

Where to Start

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