Arcade System

Only Vectrex delivers fantastic real arcade sights, sounds and challenge. Unlike Atari and Intellivision, Vectrex has a real arcade screen and sound system built in! No TV set needed!


The Vectrex was unlike any other console of its era. Aiming to deliver on the promise of true arcade play in the home, the Vectrex's tabletop form factor included a built-in 9x11" vertical monitor, 3" speaker, and a true analog joystick. Though monochrome, the monitor output vector graphics like those found in the popular arcade title Asteroids (1979). Unlike raster displays, which swept the cathode ray in descending horizontal lines, the Vectrex's display controls could draw images point to point at arbitrary locations onscreen. The result was crisp, vivid graphics that could scale, rotate, and transform in ways that bitmapped pixels could not.

Manufacturer General Consumer Electronics (GCE)
Type Tabletop
CPU Motorola MC68A09
Resolution Vector CRT
Palette monochrome
Sound General Instruments AY-3-8912
Input 2 x Control Panels (i.e., controllers) with a true analog joystick and four buttons
Media Cartridges